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‘Grove Schools Open Late; Pottstown, Closed; S-F, Open

Hurricane Sandy Affects Pottsgrove, Pottstown, S-F School Schedules

POTTSTOWN PA – Maybe you’ve noticed that local public education schedules are, through no fault of administrators, as twisted as leaves in a Hurricane Sandy wind. Pottsgrove schools will open Wednesday (Oct. 31, 2012), but on a delayed timetable. Pottstown schools are closed Wednesday. Spring-Ford Area schools will open Wednesday at their regular times. And, yes, it’s the now-departed Sandy that figures prominently in all of this.

Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, in Pottsgrove …

Officials in the Pottsgrove School District, recognizing that some bus routes may require slow going because of downed branches and still-closed roads, said their schools will reopen for students on a two-hour delay. Teachers and other staffers, however, are asked to report at their regular times.

Streets and roads currently posing problems for Pottsgrove buses include:

  • Orlando, between Continental and Maugers Mill;
  • Crownview;
  • White Pine Lane;
  • North Keim, between Yerger and North Charlotte; and
  • Bleim, between Rhoads and Yerger.

Pottsgrove High School will be dismissed at regular time, the district added; there will no  early Wednesday dismissal.

Complicating matters for Pottsgrove is the fact that a Philadelphia television station earlier had incorrectly reported its intentions, Barbara Paolucci, administrative assistant to the acting superintendent said.

In Pottstown …

The Pottstown School District’s continued closure of its schools was due to an “ongoing loss of power in the east end of our community and unresolved issues with live wires down on the streets,” Acting Superintendent Jeff Sparagana said. “We will continue to monitor the weather and road conditions, and coordinate with local authorities regarding a decision for Thursday (Nov. 1) he added.

However, Pottstown’s district and all school offices will open Wednesday at 10 a.m.

In Spring-Ford …

All “Spring-Ford Area School District buildings will resume classes” Wednesday as scheduled, is website announced.

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