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As You Slept (Fitfully) Through Sandy, They Stayed Awake

While You Slept (Fitfully) Through Sandy, They Stayed Awake

PULLING AN ALL-NIGHTER FOR PUBLIC SAFETY – A crew of almost a dozen members of the Sanatoga Fire Company (above), as well as a similar compliment at the Ringing Hill Fire Company, extra patrol officers of the Lower Pottsgrove Police Department, and the township emergency management team all were awake and on call all night Monday (Oct. 29, 2012) and much of Tuesday (Oct. 30) to deal with problems that arose as Hurricane Sandy blew through the greater Pottstown area. First responders arrived quickly – within 5 minutes, resident Jeni Alexander offered in a comment on The Post’s Facebook page – when called about a downed power line. “Pretty awesome,” she added.

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