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Notebook Worthy: Almost Tapped Out On Election Day

Notebook Worthy: Almost Tapped Out On Election DaySANATOGA PA – Election Day (Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012) jottings from a reporter’s notebook:

Pull That Lever (For Beer, Not Ballots)

Best Election Day offer, from the fine folks at Chummy’s Tavern in the Sunnybrook Ballroom, Sanatoga: “After you pull your lever today, stop by SunnyBrook so we can pull a lever for you with one of our craft beers on tap.” (Via Facebook).

Busy At The Polls? You Bet’cha

Notebook Worthy: Almost Tapped Out On Election Day

Campaign workers greet voters Tuesday morning outside the Lower Pottsgrove municipal building on Buchert Road, where the voting machines for township District 4 are located

Notebook Worthy: Almost Tapped Out On Election Day

Campaign signs line he entrance to the Wesleyan Christian Church on Hilltop Road

That Tuesday would be busy was apparent from initial voter turnout at polling places in Lower Pottsgrove.

Standing in the morning cold outside the municipal building on Buchert Road – where the township’s 4th voting district polls are located – Republican Area 2 leader Jonathan Spadt and party municipal leader Jim Vlahos reported about 100 people had cast ballots there during the first hour. They expected turnout to remain “steady all day,” Vlahos said.

Inside the Wesleyan Christian Church on Hilltop Road, the 3rd voting district’s polling place, Montgomery County election workers said “things are going pretty good;” 229 people had voted in there in about two hours.

Campaign workers outside the church doors added they had already heard by cell phone from colleagues at polls for the 2nd voting district at Berean Bible Church on East High Street, and for the 1st district at Ringing Hill Fire Company on White Pine Lane. Turnout at each was significantly higher, they claimed.

Chilly At The Polls, Too? You Bet’cha

To simply say Election Day dawned cold locally is understatement. Temperatures in the Pottstown area when the polls opened at 7 a.m. were still in the 20s, about 13 degrees below average.

Both Vlahos and Spadt wore matching black, full-length winter coats to ward off the chill. Vlahos bolstered his warmth with a large, still steaming cup of Wawa coffee. P.J. McGill of Sanatoga, among those working the Democrat side of the walkway to the municipal building doors, was bundled in a green waistcoat.

All greeted voters with a smile and occasional handshake, but none were distributing last-minute literature.

Geez, It Should Have Been More Than That!

Pottstown-based Addison Technologies Inc. can put a high-tech spin on almost any subject, including the elections. Of note, a blog to which it linked Tuesday on Facebook, which estimates your vote is worth about 22 bucks. Read how and why, here.

The Races Are Over. Time To Move On, Together

Good post-election advice provided by the Chester County Moms group: “Regardless of the outcome of this election, please remember that the people that are reading your Facebook posts are people … you have accepted as “friends.” They are your neighbors, co-workers, family members, your children’s friends parents, babysitter, gym buddy, person you sit next to in church, scout leader, etc. Appreciate that not everyone … voted for the same person that you did. We all have different opinions, motivations and ideals.” (Via Facebook).

Editor’s note: Notebook Worthy is a series of occasional articles; find others like it, here.

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