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Red Light: Township Declines New Traffic Signal Contract

SANATOGA PA – If you think state government officials sometimes don’t live in “the real world,” the Lower Pottsgrove Board of Commissioners might be inclined to agree.

Red Light: Township Declines New Traffic Signal ContractCommissioners have decided, for now at least, to do nothing about a state auditor’s suggestion that the township obtain an updated contract for maintenance of its traffic signals. That’s because getting a new agreement could cost almost as much as the township spends each year on maintenance work itself.

Manager Rodney Hawthorne recently explained to board members that Lower Pottsgrove’s contract with Telco Inc. of Reading PA, which maintains traffic signals for it and other municipalities, has been in effect since 2007. Some of its language, and the services it specifies, might be outdated after five years; maybe it’s time for a revision, the auditor noted.

Those services are highly technical in nature, however, and to prepare requirements for a new contract could be “challenging,” Hawthorne acknowledged. So he turned to Sanatoga-based Traffic Planning and Design Inc. (TPD), and asked about the cost of having it draft new contract specifications to which Telco and its competitors, if any, might respond.

TPD returned with a proposal in the amount of $5,785. In comparison, according to township Finance Director Michele Christman, Lower Pottsgrove annually has spent about $7,000 for Telco’s work.

Commissioners concluded they couldn’t support the cost-benefit ratio, declined the proposal, and agreed to take no action.

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