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Mascaro: Don’t Leave Electronics At Curbside As Trash

Mascaro: Don't Leave Electronics At Curbside As Trash

A Montgomery County electronics recycling effort last March in Limerick was a big hit.

SANATOGA PA – If you intend to replace a television, computer monitor, laptop or desktop computer, or a computer printer and any other electronic attachments after Jan. 24 (2013; Thursday), don’t leave the old machines at curbside and expect a trash hauler to take them away. It won’t.

Pennsylvania’s Covered Device Recycling Act, a state law approved in November 2010, finally takes effect in slightly more than two weeks. It forbids landfills and other solid waste facilities in the Commonwealth from accepting those and similar items as trash, and demands that they be recycled.

The Lower Pottsgrove Board of Commissioners learned of the act’s pending enforcement Monday (Jan. 7) in a letter from its contracted trash hauler, J.P. Mascaro and Sons of Audubon PA. After Jan. 24, according to Mascaro Director of Sales Samuel Augustine, any of the banned items found in garbage “will be tagged as non-collectible” and remain for the owner to get rid of … legally.

There are alternatives, township Manager Rodney Hawthorne noted.

  • The first is a service provided to Lower Pottsgrove by Mascaro itself. Township residents can drop off electronic items to the free recycling center at the company’s Pioneer Crossing Landfill, 727 Red Lane Rd., Birdsboro – 14 miles west of Sanatoga – Saturdays from 8-11 a.m. The center is located within the landfill near its scale house, and consists of several enclosed trailers and bins for a variety of recycled items.
  • The township also may take advantage of a Mascaro offer to conduct its own electronics recycling program for a limited number of days during the spring, Hawthorne said. Details for such an event, if held at all, have yet to be arranged and would be publicized.
  • The state is requiring manufacturers and retailers to make electronics collection programs available at their locations. Owners may be able to bring old appliances back to where you bought a new one, Hawthorne indicated. Calling ahead to retailers, to learn when and where their programs are operating, is advisable.
  • Finally, Montgomery County’s Recycling Office indicates it plans to conduct electronics recycling at locations across the county again during 2013, after the successes of programs in previous years. The schedule isn’t yet available, but when completed it will be found online, here.

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