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They Can’t Play For Keeps If Balls Get Lost In Sanatoga

Can't Play For Keeps If Baseballs Lost In Sanatoga

MORE NETTING NEEDED AT BALL FIELD – The football season must be unofficially over, because at least one recent conversation during a Lower Pottsgrove Township Board of Commissioners’ meeting turned to baseball. Former commissioners Thomas Troutman and Anthony Doyle have asked the board to consider installing additional netting above the chain link backstop (above) behind home plate at the baseball field in Sanatoga Park, accessed from South Park Road in Sanatoga PA. A net directly above the batter’s box there catches some but not all foul balls, the pair said. Occasionally during a game balls fly to either the right or left of the fence, where no upper netting now exists, and are lost in underbrush and the heavily wooded area east of the field. Neither Troutman or Doyle knew how much the extra nets might cost. Commissioners suggested township Assistant Manager Alyson Elliott discuss the issue with leagues using the field, but took no action themselves.

Can't Play For Keeps If Baseballs Lost In Sanatoga

A view of home from down the third-base line.

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