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Eats On The Post Food Page Get Even More ‘Serious’

SANATOGA PA – The weekly Food Page of The Post Publications took on a little more flavor Wednesday (Jan. 30, 2013).

Eats On The Post Food Page Get Even More 'Serious'The Post is introducing, on the page’s right column, new daily recipes from “Serious Eats,” one of the nation’s most well-known and respected sources for information on everything from fast food to fine dining. “Serious Eats” is popular for its wide range of appeal. From gourmet chefs to those who wanted supper 5 minutes ago, the website supplies something incredibly edible for every reader, seven days a week.

“Serious Eats” also has established online foodie communities in 12 cities, including Philadelphia.

The Post has syndicated “Serious Eats” content, which means the variety of recipes available – up to 20 of them! – will change very day. It compliments the weekly food news feed The Post will continue to provide from Family Features, as well as its food news articles from Science Daily, which also appear in the right column. To make room for “Serious Eats,” The Post discontinued recipes from Food Press.

Interest in the Food Page has grown to the point where Post readers have begun offering suggestions for its improvement. That’s what prompted this change. Keep those suggestions coming by sending an e-mail to Post Managing Editor Joe Zlomek, here.

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