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Township Tax Collector Asks For A Deputy Appointment

SANATOGA PA – Like every hard worker, Jennifer Marsteller would like a little time off. She hopes to take three days this June, but in her business – she’s the treasurer and tax collector for Lower Pottsgrove Township – that’s a busy month, as payments for town, county, and fire taxes come due.

Tax Collector Jennifer Marsteller.

Tax Collector Jennifer Marsteller

Fortunately, she has help handy. Marsteller calls her “Mom.”

Marsteller on Monday (Feb. 4, 2013) proposed to the township Board of Commissioners that her mother-in-law, Virginia Smith, be appointed deputy tax collector. Three board members attending the meeting – Michael McGroarty, James Kaiser and Stephen Klotz – had no objections, but they decided to table any action until remaining commissioners Jonathan Spadt and Bruce Foltz (both of whom were absent) could review the idea.

The appointment would empower Smith to serve in Marsteller’s absence and fulfill her duties at the tax collector’s office, 1954 E. High St.

Solicitor R. Kurtz Holloway, who discussed the proposal with Marsteller in advance and to whom the board turned for guidance, acknowledged commissioners had the legal authority to make the appointment. It must be limited, however, to Dec. 31 (2013), when Marsteller’s term as an elected official expires, he added.

In addition, Smith, like Marsteller, must be bonded, and may not be paid any more than Marsteller receives. To expedite an appointment, if any is made, Holloway recommended Smith begin the process of applying for bond coverage; it’s a form of insurance for the township against financial loss.

The board could act on Marsteller’s request in two weeks, during its Feb. 21 (Thursday) meeting, although Manager Rodney Hawthorne indicated not all commissioners may be present then, either.

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