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Pottsgrove Shakes The Harlem Way In Wednesday Video

Pottsgrove Shakes The Harlem Way In Wednesday Video

Just hanging around, shakin …

POTTSTOWN PA – The Harlem Shake has its own Pottsgrove edition.

Not familiar with The Shake? OK, we’ll admit we weren’t either. But research indicates it’s an Internet fad (and nowadays, what isn’t?) that involves creating a roughly 30-second video which shares the same musical background with dozens of others. It typically opens with a sole, masked person casually dancing to the theme, while surrounding people go about otherwise ordinary and mundane business.

Suddenly, the music and its beat changes. The camera shot does too. Out of thin air, an entire crowd appears in bizarre costumes, flailing their limbs, and dancing as well. Or at least doing what is intended to pass for dancing.

Local Twitter accounts – most of them attributed to Pottsgrove High School students – started blazing Wednesday morning (Feb. 13, 2013) to announce a ‘Grove edition of The Shake had been posted to YouTube. In only 18 hours (as of Thursday at 11 a.m.) it had accumulated 1,566 views; maybe not a worldwide phenomena, but viral enough for Pottsgrove.

  • If you want to be part of what’s happening (and beware, what’s happening on the ‘Net changes so quickly that this could be out-of-fashion in the next 10 minutes) click on the video above. Or find it at the YouTube channel of Harlem Shake, here.

And for something to compare it to, take a look at The Harlem Shake Original Army Edition, here; Bockfest Edition, here; or Emory Baseball Edition, here.

Photo from YouTube

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