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Hey, Business Owner! Got Time To Help Future Workers?

Consultant JoAnn Perotti, standing describes the comprehensive planning process to the Pottsgrove Board of School Directors

Consultant JoAnn Perotti, standing describes the comprehensive planning process Tuesday to the Pottsgrove Board of School Directors

POTTSTOWN PA – If you own or operate a business within the Pottsgrove School District and you’re interested in the education of future employees, Superintendent Shellie Feola hopes you’ll give her call at 610-327-2277. It won’t take much time, but your willingness to volunteer could shape thousands of students’ lives during the next three years.

Pottsgrove is about to embark March 5 on creating its next comprehensive plan, a state-required document that defines the district’s “dreams, visions and ideas” through 2016, according to consultant JoAnn Perotti. Perhaps more importantly, she said Tuesday (Feb. 12, 2013), it also spells out how that wish list might be tackled and accomplished.

The Board of School Directors and district administrators have a say in crafting the plan, of course, and parents also are represented on a steering committee. But as of last week Feola was still searching for two local business representatives to step up and agree to offer their comments and suggestions. Their help would be appreciated, she said.

The last such plan was created six years ago. The time frame now has been shortened to only three years, making it “very do-able, and very reality-based,” said Perotti, a contracted adviser from the Bucks County Intermediate Unit.

It’s just as detailed, however. “The process involves a lot of stakeholders,” she told directors during their meeting at Pottsgrove Middle School, and will look at how the district schools interconnect and function; assess students, current instructional methods, and safety and support systems; and determine how district operations and actions can be better tuned to meet whatever are determined to be its future needs.

“What we want to see in this plan,” Perotti said, “is going from good to great in the Pottsgrove School District.”

Administrators began work on the plan late last year. Committee members will meet only a few times during March, April and May, and Feola said she expects the plan will be finalized in June. That will be followed by a public review in September, directors’ potential approval during October, and submission to the state Eduction Department in November.

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