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We’re Experimenting (Again), With The ‘RebelMouse’ Post

20130219-RebelMouseCom-AlternateFrontButtonSANATOGA PA – What do you get when you cross Pinterest with Facebook with The Sanatoga Post?

You get The Post Publication’s alternative front page at

RebelMouse is a new experiment in social media, one that builds a dynamic front page and accompanying website around what gets shared, according to its founders. In the case of The Post Publications, what we’re currently sharing is the Facebook content of The Sanatoga, Limerick, Pottstown and Main Street Posts, as well as some content from The Post Publications’ Facebook page news feed.

The look is an experiment for us, too.

Like Pinterest, the alternative front page relies heavily on photos and visuals.

Most recent articles usually appear at the top, and users can scroll down to find earlier articles. However, articles and headlines often are re-sized or repositioned automatically. So unlike The Posts, all of which are ordered by their articles’ publication dates and times, and unlike the Facebook page, which is ordered by its timeline, our RebelMouse page can become an adventure in discovery every time it’s viewed.

We’re still working out set-up kinks; for example, the page duplicates some articles and ignores others. RebelMouse itself is in beta-stage testing. That means some behind-the-scenes coding done by others may temporarily “break” the page, or it could be here today and gone tomorrow. We hope not. It’s certainly a different way to see what we do.

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