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Davies Resigns From ‘Grove To Move Up In Exeter District

Dr. Todd Davies

Dr. Todd Davies

POTTSTOWN PA – Say goodbye, and congratulations too, to Pottsgrove School District Director of Education And Assessment Dr. Todd Davies. His official resignation was “accepted with regret” Tuesday night (Feb. 26, 2013) by the Board of School Directors, allowing Davies to become assistant superintendent of the Exeter Township School District.

Davies “has great credentials. And his experience really fits what we’re looking for,” Exeter Superintendent Dr. Beverly A. Martin told The (Reading PA) Eagle newspaper in a story it published Monday (Feb. 25). Martin has worked without an assistant superintendent for about eight months, The Eagle reported.

Davies, who began in Pottsgrove 16 years ago as a teacher and then moved up the administrative ranks, is due to start his new job during April. His soon-to-be-former boss and self-described “good friend,” district Superintendent Shellie Feola, in an occasionally halting voice characterized Davies as a “tremendous asset to this district” and “a tireless worker.”

“But this is a really positive thing for his career,” Feola noted. “We wish him the best of luck.” Directors uniformly echoed those sentiments and, in Davies’ honor, separated his resignation from other personnel actions on their agenda to acknowledge it.

“I feel like I’ve been blessed to teach and grow” into administrative roles in Pottsgrove, Davies told directors. “I’ve always felt like I’ve been supported by the board.”

Davies earned his doctorate in educational leadership from Lehigh University in 2012 and, according to Feola, has since been “actively” looking for the kind of opportunity Exeter offered. He will fill the position there, at what The Eagle reported was an annual salary of $124,000, as successor to another administrator who became a superintendent elsewhere.

He will be responsible for familiar duties – handling curriculum and professional staff development, which he did in Pottsgrove – as well as supervising some Exeter principals. “I can’t wait” for him to start, Martin told The Eagle. “We’re very excited to have him. We wish he would start a little sooner, but I understand that his district needs him. I understand he’s very valuable there.”

Davies’ resignation is scheduled to take effect within 60 days of last Wednesday (Feb. 20). Feola indicated she was considering options in identifying his replacement.

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