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Pottsgrove High Classes Unaffected By Smoking Heater

Pottsgrove High Classes Unaffected By Smoking Heater

Pottsgrove High School

POTTSTOWN PA – A malfunctioning water heater at Pottsgrove High School, 1345 Kauffman Rd., caused minor disruption Thursday morning (March 21, 2013) to some classes in its industrial arts wing but did not affect the start of the school day, the Pottsgrove School District reported on its Facebook page.

The water heater that serves “a small portion” of the wing “failed, leading to some smoking” at about 6:15 a.m., the district’s status update said. “There was no fire associated with this incident and no damage to the building or other equipment,” it added.

Classes that would have met in the area were reassigned to elsewhere in the building while the smoky areas were ventilated. The school opened and classes began at their normal times, according to the report.

The industrial arts wing has been a subject of Board of School Directors’ discussions since December (2012) regarding reconstruction at the high school. District Superintendent Shellie Feola and high school Principal Yolanda Williams have advocated renovating classrooms and other facilities there to expand programs to be offered in science, technology, engineering and math.

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