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Commissioners Swap Agendas Before Their Meeting

Commissioners Swap Agendas Before Their Meeting

It was there, at left, and then it wasn’t

SANATOGA PA – In a case of “now you see it, now you don’t,” there was a significant change in proposed discussion topics Thursday (June 20, 2013) before the meeting of the Lower Pottsgrove Township Board of Commissioners got under way.

The board’s published agenda, publicly released online earlier this week at the township website, originally indicated commissioners were prepared to review “Ordinance #306,” described as “the amending of the Article VI, R-1 residential district and deleting Article XI, planned residential development (PRD) district of the Lower Pottsgrove zoning ordinance.”

By the time the 7 p.m. meeting started in the Buchert Road municipal building, however, that item had been removed. It was apparently done at the last minute, because Secretary Michele Cappelletti distributed new copies of the agenda to the board audience just before commissioners entered the conference room.

No explanation of the removal was offered and there was no indication of when – if ever – the item might again appear.

A change to PRD zoning provisions potentially could affect one or more large proposed residential developments recently discussed by the board. Under existing law, planned residential developments are prohibited in Lower Pottsgrove’s R-1 and R-2 districts.

The existing R-1 language covers “reasonable standards of performance” for, and promotes “the desirable benefits” of, “single-family detached residential and agricultural uses … throughout the community.”

The now separate PRD language addresses the township’s need for “increasing flexibility” in dealing with “substantially open land.” It encourages development in ways that recognize changes in the housing market, the need to allow all home owners to enjoy open spaces near their properties, the township’s interest in adding and maintaining open spaces “by private initiative,” and its interest in ensuring they are efficiently used.

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