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Notebook Worthy: The New Look Of Pottsgrove Schools?

Notebook Worthy: Is This The New Look Of 'Grove Schools?

Jottings from a reporter’s notebook …

POTTSTOWN PA – Officially, the image-conscious Pottsgrove School District has yet to decide on a marketing logo, or “brand,” it will use in presenting its future self to the public.

Officially, it has not adopted any of three second-round choices of falcon-in-flight artwork or slogans on which it again asked the public to electronically vote earlier this month.

Unofficially, however, someone seems to have expressed a preference.

20130625-PottsgrovePA-FalconWebLogoOffered as Exhibit A is a proposed home page of the district’s new website (above), which is due to launch during July and which is being tested now. Those tests are how The Post on Tuesday (July 25, 2013) caught a surely accidental glimpse of the work in progress.

Check the page’s top left corner, as well as the enlargement at right, and you’ll see what may be the new online face of Pottsgrove … a spectrally white falcon poised in a maroon sky, its talons extended, gracefully flying past a gold curving swoop of line in the background, and accompanied by the tagline “Soaring to Excellence.”

Now, don’t jump to conclusions.

It takes a lot of time to build a new website, and even more time to create one as complex and richly featured (parents, take heed: the coming calendar is a huge improvement) as the district is preparing to roll out. Programmers need things like art and written content well in advance to ensure the site works properly. It could be they simply grabbed a logo that best suited the space when the home page was being designed.

And, to be fair, other instances of earlier logo designs – as well as a few of Pottsgrove’s existing logos – are sprinkled throughout the new site as “placeholders,” marking the location of other photographs still being awaited. Besides, neither the Board of School Directors or Superintendent Shellie Feola have officially announced a final branding choice.

However, Feola noted earlier, among 900 votes cast by district residents in selecting a first-round logo favorite, slightly more than half (53 percent) favored components in a draft version of the one that now appears on almost all of the test website’s pages.

The effort led by Feola to craft a new brand for Pottsgrove has endured its share of controversy.

  • It’s cost about $3,000 so far. That’s money some taxpayers complain was ill-spent on marketing professionals when the district should have turned first to its own talented students or residents for ideas.
  • Board President Scott Fulmer publicly grumbled that use of any colors other than the district’s traditional maroon-and-white was, to him, akin to heresy. He seemed unlikely to welcome that gold-colored swoop, or a sky blue version that preceded it.
  • Social media authors buzzed that schools which aspire to soar to excellence should be graphically represented by rising, not descending, birds.

It may all be moot. The Pottsgrove world won’t know for sure what the district’s marketing look-and-feel is until administrators and directors adopt it. Given the website’s impending deadline, that may happen soon.


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Graphics from the Pottsgrove School District

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