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Pottsgrove Schools Launch New, Feature-Rich Website

Pottsgrove Schools Launch Their New, Feature-Rich Website

POTTSTOWN PA – The new Internet face of the Pottsgrove School District launched Sunday (July 7, 2013), Director of Technology and Communications Michael Wagman reports, and although (like most websites) it’s a work in progress – with more content and new features due over time – “we think we have the critical components ready,” he said.

Among the most important and user-friendly changes, Wagman noted, “is an improved calendar.” Parents can subscribe to as many different school building calendars as they wish, and all calendars will be available in a single landing page view in coming months. The parents’ landing page also is expected to include other customizable features.

Other parent and public communication tools, he said, are available on the site’s “District Communication Page.”

Each web page also sports the district’s re-designed branding logo and tagline, selected in recent months as the result of public voting. “We thank all those who participated” in the design process and voting, Wagman said. “We did try to incorporate some enhancement to address concerns expressed and to improve its look in the context of our new web page design. Due to the way the falcon (mascot) looks at our students on our home-page photo gallery, we added ‘Focused on Students'” as part of the website slogan, he added.

Up next, according to Wagman, is teacher training to ensure all faculty and staff members know how to use their new class web pages and calendars during the fall. Most of Pottsgrove’s varied classroom pages, which currently are scattered over several different websites, will be consolidated to the new site as school gets under way, he said.

Information about other new features will be announced by e-mail as they are introduced.

The district worked with a State College PA firm, Schoolwires, to develop and install many of the site’s new features.


Photo from the Pottsgrove School District

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