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A Chip On The Old Block Makes Its Road Newer

Rupert Road Oil And Chip Resurfacing

AUTUMN ARRIVAL MARKS END OF THE ROAD (WORK) – With summer almost officially over – it ends this Sunday, Sept. 22 – signs like this one seen during early August have now disappeared from Rupert Road and four other highways in Lower Pottsgrove Township. It means the township’s road repaving and resurfacing season is finished, and Manager Rodney Hawthorne recently told the Board of Commissioners that crews had been busy this year. Lower Pottsgrove was scheduled to use state fuel tax revenues to lay new asphalt on portions of eight roads, and perform base repairs on six others. For the first time this year it took a cue from neighboring Limerick Township as well,  and additionally resurfaced parts of Rupert, Snell, Yerger, Kauffman, and Pruss Hill roads with an oil-and-stone chip mixture that Hawthorne said should give them five or more years of durability. That cost the township an additional $30,000 from its own budget, but commissioners agreed they got value for the money. Limerick reportedly has had good success with the oil-and-chip process.

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