Township Police Say Home Burglary Attempted Monday

Township Police Say Home Burglary Attempted MondayPOTTSTOWN PA – A Lower Pottsgrove family was jolted awake Monday night (Dec. 2, 2013) by a loud, crashing sound that township police said was caused by a burglar attempting to break into their home, The (Pottstown) Mercury newspaper reported.

Although officers were said to have arrived within two minutes of the 9:23 p.m. call from the 1700 block of St. Andrews Drive, the burglar successfully fled the scene without being caught. Police from Limerick, Lower Frederick and New Hanover townships were called in to help with the search, Mercury reporter Frank Otto wrote.

The noise apparently resulted from a rock the burglar threw into a kitchen window, after cutting away a screen in the attempt to enter. Lower Pottsgrove Sgt. Robert Greenwood speculated the burglar believed the house was unoccupied because no lights were visible inside or out.

The residents, inspecting the damage from the relative safety of their rear deck, told police they had not seen anyone near the house. Officers from the four departments and Flynn, Limerick’s K-9, searched the area for another 30 minutes without finding the intruder. Nothing appeared to be taken from the property, according to the newspaper.

Greenwood reportedly said the attempt seemed similar to one that occurred nine days earlier in Upper Pottsgrove Township.

News of the break-in got around the neighborhood quickly. Area residents alerted neighbors to the police activity and its cause using Facebook posts.

Anyone who may have information on the burglary attempt is asked to call the Lower Pottsgrove detectives at 610-326-1508.

Photo from Google Images