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That Wailing Noise Monday? Limerick Tested Its Sirens

LIMERICK PA – Residents in the 10-mile emergency planning zone surrounding Exelon Nuclear’s Limerick Generating Station, 3146 Sanatoga Rd., heard a semi-annual full-sound wail Monday (Dec. 2, 2013) at 2 p.m. as the electrical power generating facility conducted a scheduled test of its emergency siren system, company representative Dana Melia said.

That Wailing Noise Monday? Limerick Tested Its Sirens

The full test is performed on the first Monday in June and December as part of Exelon’s emergency preparedness program. A shorter, lower pitch test is performed monthly, Melia added.

Warning sirens are one of several methods used by emergency management authorities in Montgomery County  and elsewhere to provide notice of emergencies. Individual counties may activate the sirens to warn the surrounding community of events such as fires, floods, tornadoes, hazardous material releases, or nuclear energy plant events. The sirens are not a signal to evacuate. In an actual emergency, residents should tune to one of the county emergency alert system radio or television stations for further information.

Residents should refer to the “emergency” section of their telephone books for further information.

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