Pottsgrove’s Mr. Perseverance Wins Science Class Funds

POTTSTOWN PA – Pottsgrove School District director David Faulkner may have acquired a new nickname last week. Call him “Mr. Perseverance.”

Pottsgrove's Mr. Perseverance Wins Science Class Funds

David Faulkner

Back in 2010, Faulkner and a work colleague relied on the generosity of their employer, Exton PA-based engineering software designer Bentley Systems Inc., to donate $500 ($250 each) to district science class programs. Faulkner made a plea to two additional employees during 2011, and Bentley’s contribution rose to $1,000. Last year (2012) he was less successful – the donation reverted to $500 – but not for Faulkner’s lack of trying.

Then on Tuesday (Dec. 3, 2013) as a lengthy Board of School Directors’ meeting drew to a close, Faulkner asked high school Principal Dr. Bill Ziegler and middle school Principal Dr. David Ramage to step forward. He “had something” for them, he said with a smile.

Yes, it was a check for science programs – from Bentley on behalf of 16 of its employees – in the amount of $4,000. Board members, the principals, and the surrounding audience joined in thankful applause for Faulkner, his fellow workers, and his company. “I just reached out and contacted more people” to convince them Pottsgrove was a good place to invest the firm’s charitable money, Faulkner said modestly.

“We’ll put this to good use,” Ziegler promised as he held the check aloft.

Faulkner also delivered an encouraging message to the audience, in case it contained employees in other science-related businesses. “We’re facing a shortage of engineers in the future,” he said. The field “needs younger people involved. Companies like mine – and many of the pharmaceutical companies we have around our area – offer contributions like these. They know where their future employees will come from, schools like ours, and they’re willing to help our programs grow.”

“All you have to do,” Mr. Perseverance reminded the crowd, “is ask them.”

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