Target Dresses As Santa For A Pottsgrove Gift Delivery


Target’s Santa at his jolliest

POTTSTOWN PA – The charitable arm of Target Brands Inc., owner of Target retail stores in West Pottsgrove, Royersford, and Oaks, has delivered an early Christmas present to students in gifted education classes at Pottsgrove High School, they learned Tuesday (Dec. 10, 2013) by e-mail.

Teacher Eileen Forsyth reports Target has offered a $700 grant to pay a portion of her students’ planned May (2014) one-day field trip to Washington DC, to both see the city’s highlights and learn more about the workings of federal government. Their visit also could include a White House tour, but its details are tentative and not yet finalized, she said.

The grant helps reduce costs to be paid by individual students, some of whom might otherwise be unable to attend for lack of financing. Trip planning is still under way; Forsyth’s e-mail also requested required information from parents.

Target’s corporate responsibility website said education is one of seven different “areas of commitment” to which it pledges charitable support. During 2010, the company announced plans to give $1 billion for education by the end of its 2015 fiscal year. Through 2012, for which most recent totals are available, its education-related giving totaled $777 million.

Image from Target Brands Inc.