3 Police Cars: Blue, White … And Yellow All Over

3 Police Cars: Blue, White ... And Yellow All OverSANATOGA PA – The distinctive dark blue and white paint of two Lower Pottsgrove police cars, and the enamel finish of a third unmarked police vehicle, recently gained an unintended accent hue: we’ll call it “Road Stripe Yellow.” Now the department must pay to get it removed.

The paint marred the exterior wheel wells, fenders and rocker panels of all three cruisers after a crew from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation finished painting new road markings around the police station at 2199 Buchert Rd., Chief Michael Foltz recently told the township Board of Commissioners. Officers drove the cars out of the department driveway onto North Pleasant View Road … and splat! Yellow everywhere.

Detailers were employed, at a total cost of about $180, to professionally remove the unwanted paint without damaging the cars’ finishes. The good news, Foltz said, is that PennDOT may reimburse the township for its troubles. At least the chief hopes so; he’s already submitted a claim.

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Photo from Google Images