Township Police Interrupt New Year’s Eve Excursion

Township Police Interrupt New Year's Eve ExcursionSANATOGA PA – A Pottstown woman who allegedly tried to walk through and stop traffic in Sanatoga village during the morning of New Year’s Eve (Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2013) was stopped herself … by Lower Pottsgrove police.

Sharay King, 23, of Glen Eagles Drive, Pottstown, has been arrested on several counts following a 7:22 a.m. incident at the intersection of East High Street and North Pleasant View Road, in which Chief Michael Foltz reported she posed a potential danger to herself and motorists.

The department responded to a call about a woman wandering in traffic lanes during rush hour  at the busy corner, “trying to stop cars” and causing their drivers to swerve to avoid her, according to a press release from Foltz. He said police found King “standing in the eastbound left-turn lane of East High Street, obstructing traffic.”

King appeared disoriented and was escorted off the street, but then again returned to the traffic lanes. Fearing for her own safety, police took her into custody. A search following her arrest revealed a marijuana cigarette, which police said fell from King’s pocket onto the ground. She “attempted to destroy it by crushing it with her foot,” Foltz said.

Concern about “her unusual actions” prompted police to transport King for a mental health evaluation. They also filed charges against her for obstructing highways, possession of a small amount of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, and disorderly conduct. An investigation also indicated King was wanted on an outstanding bench warrant from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department.

A summons from the Sanatoga courtroom of Magisterial District Justice Edward Kropp Sr. is anticipated, the chief noted.

Photo from Google Images