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At Lower Pottsgrove, Good Thing His Lungs Held Out!


HE BLEW THE PLACE UP! – Celebrity entertainer and Guinness Book of World Records champion John “Balloon Man” Cassidy visited Lower Pottsgrove Elementary School, Buchert Road, on Friday (Jan. 17, 2014) as the guest of the school’s Family Fun Night. Dozens of students and their parents packed into the building to see the man who held a record for the most balloon sculptures created in a single hour (747!), as well as records for most balloon sculptures completed in one minute, most modeling balloons inflated in one hour and the fastest balloon sculpture. Parents report the kids had a blast watching Cassidy create cartoon characters, animals and almost anything else out of thin plastic and air.



Photos from (and a tip of The Post hat to) Kristen Getsie and Diana McMorrow, via Facebook

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