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A Tinker Here, There, And Voila! A Sanatoga Solution!

A Tinker Here And There, And Voila! A Solution!
Ed ShawTHEY’LL JUST BE TINKERING AROUND – Students in the pre-school and pre-kindergarten classes at The Goddard School, 2074 E. High St., Sanatoga, will be building their brain cells Wednesday and Thursday (Jan. 22 and 23, 2014) as they participate in its “Tinkertoy Challenge,” school owner Ed Shaw (at right) reports. Tinkertoys (above), first created and sold in 1914, consist of natural and multi-colored wooden sticks and spools with pre-drilled holes that allow users to assemble practically anything in a variety of shapes and angles. The challenge, Shaw said, is designed to inspire in its youngsters what the school considers the “4 Cs” of learning: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. They’ll be given a problem by teachers, then work in teams to determine and design a solution, and build it with the Tinkertoys. Each day’s event is open for public viewing; the first 25 guests will receive a Tinkertoy starter set to take home. For more information, call Goddard at 610-970-3336.

Tinkertoy photos from Google Images
Shaw photo from The Goddard School

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