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Get Busy With That Shovel, Lower Pottsgrove Demands

Get Busy With That Shovel, Lower Pottsgrove Demands

SANATOGA PA – As if the snow and ice of the past week weren’t brutal enough, here’s a weather-related reminder from Lower Pottsgrove: “homeowners, tenants, property managers and occupants” of any property in the township are expected to clean up the wintry remains of Mother Nature “within 24 hours of the end of a storm.”

A notice about Article 3, “Snow and Ice Removal,” of township Ordinance 241 appeared this week on the township’s website.

The township obviously hopes to protect the public from problems and injury, so the June 2003 law (approved, naturally, when temperatures were much warmer) specifies that:

  • “Any accumulation of snow, slush, ice and/or freezing rain” must be cleared within the 24-hour period, and must be “removed more than once” if necessary “due to drifting, melting and other situations;”
  • “All sidewalks shall be cleared to a minimum width of three feet;” and
  • “During freezing conditions, applications of salt, cinders or other deicing agents shall be applied as necessary.”

Did your car get stuck in the street? Beware!, the law cautions:

  • Any township police officer is “authorized to have removed any vehicle abandoned or parked upon or in part of any travel lane of a public highway, street, road or right-of-way;”
  • Vehicle owners are responsible for “payment of any and all towing and storage charges;” and
  • No township employee or representative “shall be held responsible for any damage to any vehicle occurring as a result of towing (or) storage of a vehicle.”

You’d better be kind to your winter-plagued neighbors, too, it says:

  • “If shall be unlawful for owners, occupants or tenants of property to dump, throw, shovel, pile or push any snow or ice removed from driveways, walkways or other private property into any public highway, street, road or public right-of-way.”

And here’s the chilliest warning of all:

  • “Any owner or occupant violating any of the provisions of this article shall be subject to fines and penalties … not to exceed $1,000.”

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