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Lost Something Valuable? You’ll Want To Make This Call

Lost Something Valuable? You'll Want To Make This Call

This is cash in a container, true, but it’s not what was found

SANATOGA PA – Lost something valuable? Ofc. Robert Diesinger of the Lower Pottsgrove Police Department wants to help you get it back, but you need to give him more details.

By the way, the “something” in this story is found property. Cash, in fact; money, moola, greenbacks. Just how much? Nah, Diesinger isn’t saying. That’s one of the details he wants from you.

Diesinger was on duty Monday (Feb. 17, 2014; ironically, Presidents’ Day, which honors some of the men whose faces appear on the currency in question) at 7:19 a.m. when he was called to Redner’s Warehouse Market, 1300 N. Charlotte St. Money had been found in the store, its personnel reported.

It was in a container. Just what kind of container? Diesinger isn’t saying that either. It’s another detail he wants from you.

If you know the answers – and there may be even more questions – the police say they want to find you, the rightful owner of this money. Make your claim by calling the department at 610-326-1508.

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