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Sanatoga Post Ends Daily Publication Saturday

By Joe Zlomek
Managing Editor

The Sanatoga Post Will Cease Publication Saturday

Joe Zlomek

SANATOGA PA – Although it was founded in August 2008, the adventure that has been The Sanatoga Post really began a month later, on Sept. 23 of that year, when I arrived at a Pottsgrove Board of School Directors’ meeting for what was then the start of discussions about reconstruction of Ringing Rocks Elementary School.

It was the first “government” meeting I covered in the managing editor persona of this fledgling online news service. The meeting itself was poorly attended except for board members, Pottsgrove School District officials, and representatives of Gilbert Architects there to talk about their dream design for Ringing.

I presented a business card to then district Solicitor Kyle Berman and explained my intention to report on the proceedings. Berman, in turn, handed the card to former Superintendent Dr. Bradley Landis, who eyed me with some suspicion. I wrote a story and published the next day. The Post was off and running.

It seems fitting, then, that Tuesday’s (March 11, 2014) Pottsgrove school board meeting also is the last I anticipate covering.

During recent months I’ve been called upon to re-engage a role I began even earlier, in 2001, as a researcher, author, and visual designer of educational courseware for licensed professionals in a variety of careers. The job has changed slightly since. I’m now creating content for mobile devices – tablets, smart phones and whatever comes next – as digital consumers leave desktops behind for computers they can wear or pocket.

The Sanatoga edition launched with only one reader: me. It gained others over time. The Post currently attracts more than 9,700 unique readers monthly. Unfortunately, I can’t successfully tackle my newest assignment and still serve those readers well, so it’s time to exit.

As a result, I must announce The Sanatoga Post will cease daily publication Saturday (March 15; yes, shudder!, the Ides of March); 5 years, 6 months and 18 days after its start.

The Sanatoga Post will remain online as an archive, and to serve as a platform for an occasional article or photograph. Its accompanying daily headline feed will be discontinued. The Post Publications’ Facebook page will remain, primarily to echo local news and events published by others. All its social media platforms – accounts on Twitter, Linked-In, Pinterest, YouTube and elsewhere – will continue for the same purpose.

The Pottstown Post, The Limerick Post, The Main Street Post, Travels With The Post, and The Posts on Health (and its Facebook page) all will be taken offline.

I want to thank each of you who helped me along this journey: readers, sources, officials, authorities, competitors, and the quiet whisperer or two. I regret I won’t have the daily contact with all that I have truly enjoyed for so long. I am grateful you joined the ride.

I thank, too, the woman who continues to put up with me after 33 years of marriage. Nothing is ever possible without Debra Ann, the love of my life and my best friend.

I know I will miss this work, but as you might expect I’m looking forward to an exciting and “geekier” next chapter. Best wishes to you and yours.

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