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What’s Next For The Post? Here’s The Plan Ahead

By Joe Zlomek
Managing Editor

What's Next For The Post? Here's The Plan AheadSANATOGA PA – We’ve been inundated with e-mails, calls, and text messages about the fate of The Sanatoga Post going forward, following our announcement Wednesday (March 12, 2014) that it will cease daily publication. We want to ensure that you, our readers, know the answer to the question, “What’s Next For The Post?”

Here’s the plan:

  • The Post will “look ahead” more than it has in the past. Its Upcoming Events calendar, which has by far been its most popular feature, will expand and become more prominent. If you, or an organization or group to which you belong, have an event (something with a date) that needs publicizing, we encourage you to send it to us. As of today (Saturday, March 15, 2014), our new e-mail address is The e-mail address is being discontinued. We also are working on a web-based form by which information can be entered directly into the calendar; it should be available next week.
  • The Post will “look to people” more than it has in the past. We will write more about local residents and their activities, businesses, interests and accomplishments. We will place a greater emphasis on photos, video and other media to tell stories. If you know someone who might be the subject of an interesting story or feature, let us know:
  • The Post will “look less at government” than it has in the past, primarily because of constraints on our time as described Wednesday. We will be unable to actively cover Pottsgrove school board or Lower Pottsgrove township meetings. We’ll leave that to others, but will provide links to stories and materials we believe will interest or directly affect you.
  • All of this means, of course, that The Post will continue to publish on a modified schedule. We anticipate new items will be available Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Although The Post’s daily headlines feed ends today, a new e-mail beginning next week will be regularly sent to subscribers from our account at MailChimp. If you’re interested in subscribing, send an e-mail with the word “SUBSCRIBE” as the subject line to the

We thank each and every one of you for your readership, your helpfulness, and your many good wishes during the past few days. The nature of our next assignments will result only in changes to The Post, not in its disappearance! Best regards.

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