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Police Work Is Dangerous, But They Didn’t Foresee This

Police Work Is Dangerous, But They Didn't Foresee This

A bed bug feeding on human skin, on the left, and lice

SANATOGA PA – Working as a police officer in Lower Pottsgrove Township, as anywhere else, is a job accompanied by potential hazards and often unappealing circumstances: drugs, guns, unrepentant bad guys, angry couples, inebriated drivers, and unfortunate and tragic accidents.

Now add lice to the list.

Township Police Chief Michael Foltz reported earlier this month to the Board of Commissioners that he recently, and unexpectedly, invested a portion of his operating budget in delousing a few of his officers and their patrol vehicles because they were involved in the arrest of two subjects infected with bed bugs and lice.

The parasitic insects feed on human blood and bodily debris, and sometimes transmit a variety of diseases, according to the national Centers for Disease Control. The infestations usually spread through person-to-person contact.

The officers’ proximity to the unclean pair posed a health risk to them, their families, drivers and riders in the cars, the police station, and others with whom they came in contact, Foltz said. To prevent further cross-contamination, the officers received appropriate remedial attention and Foltz hired a local exterminator to disinfect the vehicles.

Not surprisingly, he added, the department is establishing “precautionary measures to follow should we encounter this in the future.”

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