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PAC-10 Schools Rivals On SATs, As Well As In Sports

PAC-10 Schools Rivals On SATs, As Well As In Sports

The Pottsgrove Falcons’ defense, right, lines up against Spring-Ford’s Golden Rams

PAC-10 Schools Rivals On SATs, As Well As In SportsPOTTSTOWN PA – Just as they are rivals in their respective high school stadiums and on local fields, members of the Pioneer Athletic Conference (the PAC-10) fight for supremacy on the Scholastic Aptitude Tests as well.

Students at PAC-10 schools – Pottsgrove, Pottstown, Spring-Ford, Owen J. Roberts, Boyertown, Phoenixville, Methacton, Perkiomen Valley, Upper Perkiomen and Pope John Paul II – make headlines almost daily for their accomplishments in individual and team sports.

Less well-known is the fact that, according to statistics assembled last month (Feb. 6, 2014) by the Philadelphia Business Journal, three PAC-10 competitors also rank among Pennsylvania’s Top 50 high schools as determined by their students’ combined average scores on the 2013 SATs.

The state Department of Education reports that students from 695 different schools took SATs last year, so those who made the Journal’s list were within the Commonwealth’s top 7 percent. The highest score attainable on the SATs is 2400, with 800 points each allotted for the tests’ verbal, math and writing components. Ranked by the Journal were:

  • Phoenixville High, home of the Phantoms, which placed 47th of 50, with a combined average score of 1597;
  • Perkiomen Valley High, home of the Vikings, 43rd of 50, with a combined score of 1605; and
  • Methacton High, home of the Warriors, 34th of 50, with a combined score of 1618.

Its list also included two other schools of particular interest to Pottsgrove Falcons’ sports boosters.

  • Great Valley High, a former member of the PAC-10, placed 9th of 50 with a combined score of 1703; and
  • Strath Haven High, against which Pottsgrove football teams have battled in several heated championship games, placed 8th of 50, with a combined score of 1709.

The state’s Number 1-ranked high school, the Journal reported, was J.R. Masterman Laboratory and Demonstration School in Philadelphia, with a combined score of 1939.

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