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Before It Leaves For Europe, Choir Offers Parting Gift

Before It Leaves For Europe, Choir Offers Parting Gift

Pottsgrove singers as they practiced last month

POTTSTOWN PA – You won’t have to travel to London or Paris later this month to hear how good the Pottsgrove High School Concert Choir sounds in those regal venues. Director Cynthia Foust says the choir will be happy to perform for you just before departing on its spring tour.

Choir members and other students have been fund-raising and saving for months to prepare for their April 8-18 (2014) trip to Europe, during which Pottsgrove singers will be featured in performances at the Notre Dame Cathedral and Hampton Court.

Although all their bags may be already packed, Foust has a parting gift planned for Falcon boosters. A short concert preview of what the choir will do overseas is being offered for free Monday (April 7) at 7 p.m. in the lobby of the high school on Kauffman Road.

The public is invited to attend, revel in the music and choir’s vocal talents, and send them off to their prestigious locations with a cheer.

Photo from the Pottsgrove Music League

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