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Employers Should Avoid Exams For Screening, Pitt Says

Employers Should Avoid Exams For Screening, Pitt SaysPITTSBURGH PA – An editorial published Sunday (April 6, 2014) in the non-profit The Pitt News, a daily newspaper operated by students at the University of Pittsburgh, criticized employers’ use of SAT and ACT college admissions’ test scores in screening potential applicants for jobs. It is one of six articles curated this week by The Post as part of its continuing series, “The ACT-SAT Scramble.”

Brief descriptions of each article, and corresponding links to them online, appear below in dated order.

Minnesota students score perfection on ACT, aim even higher (The Star Tribune; April 8, 2014)
“For eight years running, Minnesota has been best in the nation in the ACT among states in which at least half of students took the exam.”

ACT Aspire College and Career Readiness System Launches (Iowa City Area Development; April 7, 2014)
“ACT Aspire is the first digital, longitudinal assessment system to fully connect student academic performance from elementary through high school, and to the ACT exam.”

Editorial: SAT inadequate representation of individual talent (The Pitt News; April 6, 2014)
It “judges potential employees unfairly. The SATs offer a narrow, one-size-fits-all judgment of one’s skills. While an SAT score might be able to inform the employer of an applicant’s critical reading skills, it cannot determine one’s leadership or communication skills.”

Schools consider new test fee amid budget worries (Houston Chronicle; April 3, 2014)
As they juggle school-reform demands with budget cuts, Illinois education officials are considering retaining the ACT college-readiness test for high school juniors, but passing the cost along to school districts and possibly the students’ families.

‘Creating a Fair Playing Field’: What’s Behind the SAT Redesign (Knowledge@Wharton; April 1, 2014)
“Students are opting to take the rival ACT instead. Some experts have said the revamp is to regain the SAT’s foothold in the college application process.”

How Businesses Use Your SATs (The New York Times; March 29, 2014)
The “SAT, in what is still a seller’s market for employers, is a handy screening device that helps them weed out candidates without too much effort.”

In The Post series, “The ACT-SAT Scramble”:

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