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One State’s Schools Move To ACT Exams In Third Grade

One State's Schools Move To ACT Exams In Third GradeMONTGOMERY AL – A series of ACT exams that begins in third grade, not high school, and tracks students’ performance throughout their elementary and secondary education, will soon take effect in Alabama, that state announced Wednesday. The tests are said to be better aligned to each other and teachable content, which helps determine more effective teaching methods.

The story is one of six articles curated this week by The Post as part of its continuing series, “The ACT-SAT Scramble.” Brief descriptions of each article, and corresponding links to them online, appear below in dated order.

ACT exams to replace old standardized tests in Alabama (; April 10, 2014)
ACT tests are going to become the standard tests all Alabama students take, starting in the third grade. The state department of education announced Wednesday the state is about to use the exams to replace all other standardized tests.

State becomes first to implement new testing system (Montgomery Advertiser; April 9, 2014)
In a major shift from previous testing and assessment methods, public schools in Alabama will begin using the ACT suite of tests to determine student achievement and progress.

Prepping for the SAT: Survival tips for students and parents (; April 9, 2014)
Deb Stier, a mother of two teenagers in New York, has taken the SAT test seven times, and recently wrote a book filled with advice called “The Perfect Score Project.”

Revised SAT testing will not bring big changes to future applicants (Texas Christian University; April 9, 2014)
The TCU Admission office says it has “no concern” over changes in the new SAT test.

3 Tips for Building an SAT, ACT Spring Break Study Schedule (U.S. News and World Report; April 7, 2014)
Vacation may seem like the worst time to study, but blocking out time for SAT or ACT prep can give students a leg up on test day.

Why the SAT drives us N.U.T.S. (The Washington Post; April 2, 2014)
New waves of students continue to approach it with the same fear and trepidation as did their predecessors.

In The Post series, “The ACT-SAT Scramble”:

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