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Township Speed Limit On East High Slows To 35 MPH

Township Speed Limit On East High Slows To 35 MPH

SANATOGA PA – Whether it’s a hot rod or jalopy, you’ve now got to slow your vehicle down on East High Street in Lower Pottsgrove. The new speed limit there is 35 mph.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has agreed with the township’s request to reduce the speed limit across its 4-mile length of East High, the Board of Commissioners announced last week. The limit in Sanatoga village has been set at 35 mph for the past three years, and other stretches allowed speeds of up to 40 mph.

No longer.

Although new speed limit signs will take time to erect, the reductions took effect immediately, Manager Ed Wagner said during the board’s April 7 (2014; Monday) meeting. The township will pay about $200 to change 10 existing signs lining the street. Commissioners said the uniformly reduced speed should make the increasingly busier street safer to traverse.

Slowing down traffic on East High has been a long-term project board project, and one championed by former commissioner and former Planning Commission member Michael McGroarty. He has advocated reduced limits on the highway for about eight years, and with his board colleagues pushed for PennDOT’s recognition in February 2011 to drop the speed from 40 to 35 within Sanatoga.

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