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Police Fishing Rodeo Brings Families To Sprogel’s Run

20140426-SanatogaPA-LPTPoliceFishRodeo (64)

Waiting for the next big strike

SANATOGA PA – Dozens of eager participants lined the bank of Sprogel’s Run on Saturday morning (April 26, 2014) outside Sunnybrook Ballroom in Sanatoga to enjoy a few hours of fun and competition during the fifth annual Kids’ Fishing Rodeo sponsored by the Lower Pottsgrove Police Department.

20140426-SanatogaPA-LPTPoliceFishRodeo (49)

Adults and their children lined Sprogel’s Run at Sunnybrook Ballroom in Sanatoga on Saturday to enjoy the fishing rodeo sponsored by the Lower Pottsgrove Police Department

20140426-SanatogaPA-LPTPoliceFishRodeo (38)

Ofc. Rob Diesinger, at center in blue, who annually organizes the fish rodeo, put in long hours Friday night through Saturday morning mending storm-torn fences that kept the fish within the run

20140426-SanatogaPA-LPTPoliceFishRodeo (28)

Showing off the trophy fish

20140426-SanatogaPA-LPTPoliceFishRodeo (51)

Fishing knowledge gets passed on through family members during events like this

20140426-SanatogaPA-LPTPoliceFishRodeo (57)

Little compares to a great catch!

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