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Area Company Pitches Cellular Tower Deal To Township

SANATOGA PA – P3 Towers, a Red Hill PA company that specializes in erecting wireless cellular communications towers on properties owned by municipalities across eastern Pennsylvania, thinks Lower Pottsgrove stands to earn as much as $40,000 a year in extra revenue by using its service … if the Board of Commissioners is interested, that is.

Area Company Pitches Cell Tower Deal To TownshipYes, board members said Monday (May 5, 2014); they’re interested.

In a letter discussed during the commissioners’ meeting, P3 representative Larry Romanowski said the Sanatoga area and township in general suffers from poor wireless reception in several areas. P3’s business, Manager Ed Wagner told the board, is to establish towers on municipal-owned land, attract wireless carriers to use those facilities as additional broadcast points, and share a portion of the resulting revenues.

In these transactions, according to the company’s website, P3 handles all the planning, configuration, site development, regulatory paperwork, installation, operations and maintenance.

The $40,000 figure is an estimate based on multiple carriers and towers, Wagner acknowledged. The township highway department pole barn on North Pleasant View Road, and Sanatoga Park between South Sanatoga and Park roads, were mentioned as two potential locations.

“We’ve got poor (cell) service now,” so adding more broadcast points would be a benefit to township residents, Wagner noted, and commissioners indicated they would welcome the non-tax income. Romanowski delivered an information package to commissioners; they asked Wagner to respond and follow up for a future meeting.

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