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Towers Needed Here For All That Mobile Video We See

SANATOGA PA – Larry Romanowski, the president of a company that proposes to work with Lower Pottsgrove in leasing space for cellular antenna towers that would be erected on township owned land, made a personal presentation Thursday (May 22, 2014) to the Board of Commissioners. It did not immediately act on a deal with the company, P3 Towers, but said it continued to be interested in the concept.

Larry Romanowski

Larry Romanowski

P3, based in Red Hill PA, has for several years built and maintained cellular towers on municipally owned properties, Romanowski said. It shares a portion of its monthly revenues with the townships and boroughs involved, and estimates Lower Pottsgrove could earn about $800 monthly from each of four possible tower leases with major cellular carriers Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon.

At that rate, a fully-leased tower would net $38,400 a year. The board could also be assured of receiving 3-percent increase in revenue annually during the course of a typical 29-year lease, Romanowski said.

The company doesn’t have any leases in hand yet, but Romanowski told commissioners he knows carriers have a need in the township. Several cell coverage dead zones exist here, he noted, a comment with which board members readily agreed. More importantly, he added, carriers must boost their local ability to feed data streams like mobile video and photos to the area’s thousands of cellular device users.

He proposes to work initially with Lower Pottsgrove to place a tower of no more than 150 feet in height on a 50-foot-by-50-foot site at the North Pleasant View Road municipal garage, or somewhere in Sanatoga Park between South Sanatoga and Park roads. Depending on carrier interest, both towers and even a third might be possible. Commissioners learned that three towers owned by other companies already stand inside township borders.

P3’s towers typically have four sections, one for each separate carrier’s equipment, and all connected to secured and fenced-in cabinets on the ground, Romanowski said. Room would also would be available on the towers at no charge for any township radio or other antennas that might be used for police or highway crew communications.

Romanowski said he would be prepared to put up the first tower as soon as a single carrier lease was signed. All costs for erecting and maintaining the tower would be covered by P3; carriers would maintain their own equipment.

Solicitor Robert Brant said he had reviewed P3’s lease documents, which would require “some tweaking” if board members chose to accept its offer.

  • Watch a 15-second video, above, of Romanowski’s appearance at the commissioners’ meeting, or see it at The Post’s Tout channel.

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