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Miss Relay Competitors Fight Cancer With A Strut

SANATOGA PA – A group of interesting looking women – or at least, that’s what they were assumed to be – proved during Saturday’s (May 31, 2014) Relay For Life that fund-raising need not be boring.

Miss Relay Competitors Fight Cancer With A StrutThe five males, suitably attired otherwise for the occasion, were contestants in what has become one of the most well-received events staged at the annual 24-hour marathon to raise money for the American Cancer Society. They dragged (ahem!) themselves before a large, late afternoon crowd in the bleachers at the Pottsgrove High School football stadium on School Lane, displayed their charms, and competed for the title of “Miss Relay 2014.”

Contestants were judged on their ability to walk like a woman, answer questions posted by an emcee, interpret music played for the occasion (once known as dancing), and the amount of money each raised.

It sure looked like they were having fun, and from its hoots and applause it was obvious the crowd enjoyed them too. The contributions they collected were part of the more than $319,000 reportedly raised by the Relay’s finish on Sunday morning (June 1).

Photo and video by Joe Zlomek for The Post Publications LLC

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