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Police Issued 118 Tickets In May, With More To Come

SANATOGA PA – Figures released Thursday and Friday (June 5 and 6, 2014) by Chief Michael Foltz make it seem the state of Pennsylvania can claim it got more than its money’s worth from the Lower Pottsgrove Police Department in May.

20130406-FeaturedSpeedingTicketFoltz’s officers were involved during the past month in four different state-funded campaigns to target a variety of traffic violations. Pennsylvania paid some overtime costs for Lower Pottsgrove and other departments to participate in “Click-It or Ticket” (enforcing seatbelt usage), Smooth Operator (catching speeders), DUI checkpoint (snaring inebriated drivers), and Buckle-Up PA (focusing on both seatbelts and speed) programs.

The result: Lower Pottsgrove’s finest issued 118 traffic citations over 31 days. Of those, Foltz told the Board of Commissioners on Thursday:

  • Thirty-three were issued in the U.S. Route 422 construction zone between the Sanatoga and Route 724 interchanges. Eleven counted for Click-It Or Ticket.
  • Twenty-five speeding tickets were issued along Bleim Road alone during a four-hour Smooth Operator detail.
  • A four-hour DUI checkpoint on Armand Hammer Boulevard yielded 1 arrest for driving under the influence of drugs, 2 arrests for driving under the influence of alcohol, 3 so-called Act 64 arrests related to controlled substances, 7 expired vehicle inspections, 4 suspended driver citations, 2 expired registration citations, 2 other moving violations, and 1 child safety sat citation.
  • And under Buckle-Up PA on North Keim, North Charlotte, and East High streets as well as North Pleasant View and Buchert roads, 9 speeding citations, 1 stop sign violation, and 1 citation for failing to wear a seat belt.

The department’s not done yet, the chief warned.

In a follow-up press release Friday, he reported officers had already conducted their first June traffic detail on both sides of 422 under Click-It or Ticket, had contact with 51 motorists and passengers, and issued 37 tickets.

The construction zone speed limit on 422, Foltz repeated, is posted at 40 mph at all times.

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