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Senate Complicates Proposal To Downsize Legislature

HARRISBURG PA – An idea to reduce Pennsylvania’s Legislature began simply last in the state House, which approved two clean bills that would cut the General Assembly by about 25 percent. In the Senate, however, it’s been a little more complicated, The Pennsylvania Independent online news service reported Tuesday (June 10, 2014).

Senate Complicates Proposal To Downsize Legislature

The state capitol

That’s largely because, according to reporter Andrew Staub, a Senate bill that would reduce the 50-person chamber was amended to also make cuts to the judiciary and eliminate the position of lieutenant governor. State Sen. President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati, a Jefferson County Republican, offered the amendment but it hasn’t been embraced wholeheartedly, Staub wrote.

The bill would eliminate five Senate posts. Scarnati’s amendment would also reduce the Supreme Court by two justices and the Superior Court by four judges. He contended voters want a smaller, more reactive government. The bill cleared the Senate Appropriations Committee on Monday (June 9), but Staub indicated there’s no guarantee it will pass in a floor vote.

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