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Pebble Beach Drivers, Police Know Your ‘Number’

Pebble Beach Drivers, Police Know Your 'Number'SANATOGA PA – If you drove along Pebble Beach Lane in Lower Pottsgrove last month, the township police department reports it’s got your number. Your speeding number, that is.

A department traffic trailer, which uses radar to record the speed of passing vehicles and then displays the results in lights, sat for 20 days during May (2014) at the corner of Pebble Beach Lane and Julie Road, Chief Michael Foltz told the Board of Commissioners last week. A check of its statistics confirmed two suspicions, he noted.

First, the lane is a busy stretch. More than 1,780 vehicles traveled Pebble Beach during the almost three-week span, Foltz reported; an average of 89 per day.

The road serves as a main thoroughfare in the residential development just north of the Heritage Drive office complex in Sanatoga, and makes a curving run for slightly more than a mile between Sunnyside Avenue and Kepler Road. It’s a heavily populated area, one of newer homes and young families, where the posted speed limit is 25 mph.

Second and more troubling, Foltz added, the average speed of those vehicles was 29.5 mph, more than 4 over the regulated limit. More than 600 of their drivers, or 33 percent, exceeded the speed limit by between 5 and 7 mph.

The chief did not specify what, if any, enforcement actions might result from the May survey, which was undertaken because area residents complained about cars zooming by. But he also gave commissioners another statistic worth considering: his officers incurred 26 hours of overtime costs during May as they handed out tickets to speeders elsewhere.

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