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Up Next, Lowering Speed Limit On Armand Hammer

SANATOGA PA – Now that the speed limit on East High Street has been reduced across the length of Lower Pottsgrove Township, Police Chief Michael Foltz has set his sights on limiting accidents and increasing safety on Armand Hammer Boulevard as well.

Up Next, Lowering Speed Limit On Armand HammerFoltz copied the Board of Commissioners with a letter recently sent to the King of Prussia PA regional office of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, in which he asks the state to approve a 35-mph speed limit “along the entire stretch of Armand Hammer Boulevard.” It would include the portions in both Pottstown and Lower Pottsgrove.

The chief also asked PennDOT to consider erecting signs there that proclaim it as a “High Traffic Enforcement Area.”

Both requests result from a traffic study done by Lower Pottsgrove earlier this year, following Foltz’s analysis of increased reportable accidents (those involving bodily injury or significant vehicle damage) on East High, Armand Hammer, Pleasant View Road, and U.S. Route 422. The chief hopes they would “(mitigate) the frequency and severity” of crashes.

Armand Hammer offers primary consumer access to Pottstown Memorial Medical Center; its truck traffic has grown considerably with marketing of the Tri-County Commerce Park on the boulevard’s south end; and other retail businesses are expected once renovations to the 422 interchange there are complete.

Enforcement signage is also wanted on East High and 422, Foltz noted.

The goal, Foltz told the state, “is to improve safety upon our local roadways with these recommended procedures,” and he pledged “our commitment to enforce the new regulations” if approved. PennDOT acceptance is needed because Armand Hammer is a state-owned road. Any decision on the matter could be months away, Foltz indicated.

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