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Township Barn Vacant, Unused. What’s Your Idea?

Township Barn Vacant, Unused. What's Your Idea?

Township Barn Vacant, Unused. What's Your Idea?

TIME FOR YOUR SUGGESTIONS – It’s been nine years since Lower Pottsgrove took possession of this barn at its open space and someday-park at the southwest end of Pruss Hill Pond on Pruss Hill Road. That’s too long to have held an asset without doing something with it, township Board of Commissioners’ President Bruce Foltz claimed during the board’s most recent meeting. He said he’d like to see the Boy Scouts or other volunteer organizations come up with a plan to transform it into a more usable community structure. It sits on 8/10s of an acre and has an old basketball court inside, Foltz and others noted, but that doesn’t relegate it to a single use, he added. Which prompts this question from The Post: “If members of the public had a chance, how would YOU choose to use this township barn?” Let us know in the comments section below, or by sending an e-mail to . We’ll make sure your ideas reach the right audience.


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