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Deal Recognizes There’s Gold In Lower Pottsgrove Field

SANATOGA PA – There’s gold in what looks like only tall grass and weeds.

Deal Recognizes There's Gold In Lower Pottsgrove Field

The northwest corner of Bleim and North Pleasant View roads, as seen in a June 2009 Google Maps “street view” photo

The level, open acreage at the northwest corner of North Pleasant View and Bleim roads in Lower Pottsgrove is, technically, a township park. Plans have been drawn for ball fields, trails and parking to be installed there someday when, the Board of Commissioners agrees, there’s money available. Until then, the overgrown area isn’t used for much of anything.

It is, however, where area resident Ryan Lehman sees an opportunity.

Two-to-three times each summer, according to township Manager Ed Wagner, the Highway Department incurs the cost of renting equipment to mow the property and keep its vegetation down. Lehman figures the cuttings would make acceptable hay, which he could use, and he’s got the equipment to do the work. So he and Wagner came up with a solution: Lehman will cut the hay at no charge, and keep it; the township saves cash, and the fields will look respectable.

Commissioners, who met and considered the proposal Monday (July 7, 2014), collectively admitted they may not know a lot about hay but know a good deal when they hear one. They approved it, unanimously.

Solicitor Robert Brant will draft a contract between Lehman and the township, and ensure safeguards like insurance coverage are in place.

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Photo from Google Images

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