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PennDOT’s Green Tows Now A Regular Sight On 422

SANATOGA PA – Those bright-green Pennsylvania Department of Transportation tow trucks seen on some of the state’s busiest highways now keep regular patrol hours on U.S. Route 422 between the Route 29 interchange at Collegeville-Phoenixville and the highway’s big turn at Stowe, Lower Pottsgrove police report.

PennDOT's Green Tows Now A Regular Sight On 422While they’re available to help drivers in emergencies, the department cautioned, their crews won’t do the job of towing for which motorists usually pay.

Police Chief Michael Foltz advised the township Board of Commissioners last week (July 7, 2014) that the PennDOT patrols were often on duty along the western portion of 422 from 5:30-9:30 a.m., and again from 3:30-7:30 p.m.

His officers praised the assistance one crew offered during late June in the 422 construction zone between the Sanatoga and Route 724 interchanges, when a disabled car was found obstructing the right eastbound lane. The department’s response time to the incident was only 6 minutes, Foltz noted, and with PennDOT’s equipment the lanes were quickly reopened.

He added, though, that PennDOT tows vehicles which are disabled, blocking roads, or causing a hazard only to the safe shoulder of a highway. They have no authority to tow them further off the road or to a garage. That, Foltz said, becomes the responsibility of the driver or vehicle owner.

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