It’s A Short List For 2014 Township Road Paving

It's A Short List For 2014 Township Road PavingSANATOGA PA – The rumble of heavy rollers, the growl of dump trucks, the beep-beep-beep warning sounds of equipment thrown into reverse gear, and the sweet petroleum smell of hot asphalt all herald the start of the summer paving season in Lower Pottsgrove.

Which begs the question: did the street in front of your house make the 2014 paving list? Frankly, the Board of Commissioners admits, probably not.

Although there are dozens of miles of township-owned roads – many or most of them meriting some kind of repair from winter freezes, spring thaw heaves and early summer rains – there is a limited mount of money to fix them. And this year, Manager Ed Wagner and Director of Utilities John Fogel report, portions of only five roads will be repaired.

They are, in the order they appear on the list submitted by Fogel, are:

  • North Adams Street;
  • Gabriel Court;
  • Hause Avenue;
  • Norberry Court; and
  • Mirkwood Court.

The entire paving cost is covered by what the township receives in state liquid fuels tax revenue, Wagner noted. This year’s expense totals $186,232, with $79,825 for materials and $106,407 for equipment rentals.

Board members approved the list during their July 7 meeting.

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