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Detectives Investigating Attempted Purse Robbery

SANATOGA PA – An investigation by Lower Pottsgrove police continues into what Chief Michael Foltz described as a “strong-armed robbery” that occurred last month (June 2014) at the Home Depot store on Armand Hammer Boulevard.

Detectives Investigating Attempted Purse RobberyDetectives Joseph Campbell and Daniel Kienle are following leads in the incident, in which a female customer at the store had her purse stolen by a so-far-unidentified man. He ripped the purse away from her and began running, Foltz reported last week (July 7) to the Board of Commissioners.

By-standers inside the store reacted quickly, according to the chief, and chased the suspect. Although the purse was recovered, the alleged snatcher got away. Anyone with information about the attempted crime or the actor involved should call the department at 610-326-1508.

Nationally, law enforcement authorities offer these thoughts on preventing purse snatching:

  • Consider leaving a purse at home. Many women choose to carry a small billfold or coin purse that can easily fit into a pocket. This eliminates a purse as a target and also frees up their hands.
  • When a purse is necessary, carry only needed items. Do not carry more cash or credit cards than you plan to use. Refrain from carrying personal items that have sentimental value but will just be thrown away by a thief.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Walk in well-lit areas and where you find the most people. Avoid walking close to areas which would allow an attacker to hide, such as entrances to alleyways or next to parked cars.
  • Conceal a purse, if possible. Wear it underneath a coat or jacket, and secure the latch or zipper.
  • Prevent potential injury. Hold your purse tightly and close to your body. Shorten its strap so you can carry a purse tightly between your elbow and body. Avoid the temptation to loop a purse strap around your wrist. If someone does try to steal your purse, a hard yank on a tightly wound purse strap can cause injury.
  • Report anything or anyone suspicious. If you suspect that someone seems to be lurking someplace they do not belong, contact security or police.

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Like what you read? Get even more of it, free. Subscribe to The Post.