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Straight From The Owners: Thriftway Remains Open

20140717-SanatogaPA-ThriftwayNotClosing SANATOGA PA – Just in case you have any lingering doubts, the DeLorenzo family – owners of the Sanatoga Thriftway supermarket on East High Street – wants to put you at ease.

Their business remains open.

Unlike the future shuttering of its long-time nearby neighbor – the K-Mart department store in the same shopping plaza, Sanatoga Center – the Thriftway’s proprietors have publicly proclaimed they’re here to stay. A small sign, printed in black capital letters on day-glow orange cardstock and recently posted in the glass of Thriftway’s exit doors (above), announces: “To dispel any rumors, Sanatoga Thriftway will not be closing.”

Family members been asked plenty of questions about what’s been happening across the parking lot since late June, when K-Mart unfurled huge “Store Closing” banners across its roofline. Why is K-Mart leaving? Who made that decision? Why is it going now? Will it open elsewhere? And (gulp), will Thriftway be next?

The owners’ sign answers that last question definitively.

Answers to the other questions have not been forthcoming from K-Mart’s owners, Sears Holdings Corp., or from managers or other personnel inside the store. The company has not responded to inquiries or issued any public statements about the closing since its liquidation signage went up outside and inside K-Mart’s building.

Consumer traffic continues to flow through K-Mart, as bargain hunters (below) respond to offers of discounts of between 10 and 30 percent on close-out merchandise. 20140717-SanatogaPA-KMartClosingSale

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Like what you read? Get even more of it, free. Subscribe to The Post.

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