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Police Arrest 3 At Redner’s; One Charged With Theft

POTTSTOWN PA – A 34-year-old Pottstown woman was arrested early Saturday morning (July 19, 2014) and charged with retail theft, and two other individuals said to be accompanying her were cited for public intoxication, during an incident that occurred at the Redner’s Warehouse Market, 1300 N. Charlotte St., according to Lower Pottsgrove Township police.

20131226-Latest-PoliceLightsPolice arrested Renee Bearden for retail theft after they alleged she attempted to leave the store with unpurchased items. Stephanie Cureton, 43, and Milagros Diaz-Mauras, 32, both also of Pottstown and who identified themselves as traveling with Bearden, allegedly admitted they were “high on prescription medications and alcohol” and were cited for intoxication, Ofc. James Kenney said.

Store personnel told police Bearden had entered Redner’s and was seen taking several of its labeled bags from a self check-out line. She later attempted to leave with items, including pre-recorded DVDs without packaging, “concealed” in the bags but was stopped and confronted by the store manager after passing the cash registers, Kenney reported.

Bearden initially claimed she had a receipt in her vehicle for the bagged items. She left them on a counter and went outside the store, and then returned a short time later to claim she had never been provided a receipt. Meanwhile, Kenney stated, store employees discovered empty DVD cases lying on the floor of the store’s aisles.

During their investigation, police alleged they found more “loose DVDs … along with other items she had stolen from the same store earlier” in Bearden’s vehicle.

While Bearden was being placed into custody, police located her self-described friends, Cureton and Diaz-Mauras, outside in Redner’s parking lot. They were deemed “unable to operate a motor vehicle” because of their condition. After each was cited they were released to a sober adult, Kenney reported.

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